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Cheshire A Cappella is a group of women of all ages and walks of life with one thing in common - we love to sing!


We derive a huge amount of joy from singing together every week, working to practise and extend our repertoire of songs and improve our vocal and performance skills, and then going out to perform to a variety of different audiences. We are strictly an amateur chorus; most of us have never had singing lessons and many of us can't read music, but we work together in a supportive environment to achieve the best we can and have loads of fun along the way. 


Bullet Journal
Lyme Park Sing Out

Sat, 2nd Dec 2023

Bullet Journal
John Lewis Sing Out

Fri, 13th Dec 2023 at 6 pm

Bullet Journal
Christmas Concert & Show

Sun, 10th Dec 2023 at 3 pm

Bullet Journal
John Lewis Sing Out

Wed, 8th Dec 2023 at 6 pm


We're always delighted to welcome new members. If you enjoy singing and would like to give us a try, get more information about open days.


We love getting out into the community and performing to an audience! If you are planning a function or event which would be enhanced by some four-part harmony entertainment please contact us.

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