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Back to contest at Alderley Edge Festival

Updated: May 31, 2022

Last 4th May 2022, Cheshire A Cappella was thrilled to step back onto the contest stage in Alderley Edge Festival led by our new Music Director, Sue Ward. We all enjoyed a fabulous evening and were pleased to take third place.

We are feeling very proud of ourselves!

We also would like to congratulate Affinity Show Choir and IN HOUSE Quartet, who placed first and second. Bravo!


Alderley Edge Music Festival 2022

We were very excited to be entering the Alderley Edge Music Festival 2022. The festival has been cancelled for the last two years due to Covid so it will be great to be back on stage and competing again. This year’s contest is particularly important to us because Cheshire A Cappella has donated a silver plaque to the festival, which will be awarded every year for the best performance in choral singing. The award is dedicated to the memory of our lovely friend and former bass section member, Helen Reid, who sadly died in 2018, and this is the inaugural year for the award. One of our performance songs will be Seasons of Love, which was arranged for us in Helen’s memory.


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